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Bangladesh point fingers at umpire, ICC after dead ball rule costs them T20 World Cup match against South Africa

Bangladesh batter Tawhid Hridoy said the results could have been in their favour had the umpire not given Mahmudullah out in the 17th over of their chase in a T20 World Cup Group D match against South Africa at the Nassau Cricket County Stadium in New York on Monday. Bangladesh's Tawhid Hridoy, right, celebrates with batting partner Mahmudullah Riyad(AP)

In the second ball of the 17th over in Bangladesh's chase, South Africa pacer Ottneil Baartman wrapped Mahmuddullah on the pads with a fuller-length delivery that was swinging in. To the naked eye, it appeared that the ball would slide down the leg side due to the angle from which it was delivered but umpire Sam Nogajski thought otherwise and raised his finger.

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Mahmudullah immediately requested a review. Replays confirmed that the ball would have missed the stumps by some distance. The decision was overturned, but Bangladesh lost four extra runs.

According to the game laws, the ball is considered "dead" as soon as the umpire raises his finger, and it stays dead even if the decision is overturned on DRS. Bangladesh lost the match by exactly four runs as South Africa successfully defended 113—the fourth-lowest total against a full member.

"To be honest that was not a good call for us in such a tight match. In my point of view, the umpire gave that out but it was pretty hard on us. Those four runs could have changed the match scenario," Hridoy told reporters following the game.

Hridoy, who scored 37 off 34, was given out LBW off a Kagiso Rabada delivery where the replays showed that the ball was just about clipping the leg stump.

‘There are room for improvements’: Hridoy

When asked about the dead ball laws irrespective of the DRS outcome, Hridoy said: "The laws are not in my hands. In that time those four runs were really important. Umpires can make a call and they are human too and can make mistakes. They also didn't give wides which were wides on a few occasions. In this kind of venue where low-scoring matches are taking place, one or two runs are a big thing. I think those four runs or two wides are close calls and I was given out on umpire's call and there are room for improvements," he said.

Hridoy agreed his wicket in the first ball of the 18th over turned out to be a match-changing one. "From that position, I should have finished the match. It's difficult for new batsmen to adjust to the conditions. In that position, I should have finished the match," he said.

"Here, the outfield is also slow. I think if we show the intent from a batting point of view, it will be better. If you saw the last couple of matches here, it’s always low scoring and I think its a bit challenging for batsmen, every batsman here is struggling a bit here, so I think we'll overcome.

Bangladesh, who have two points in two matches, will next face the Netherlands.

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